Sunday, October 5, 2008

The Bus Trip from Central Park

Tuesday 23 September 2008
Yesterday I made a bus trip - my second with Central Park - and I must admit, approaching it with a mild degree of excitement......  Would many take  part?  Realising that relatively little time is  actually available - a mere 120 can they possibly decide on destination decisions?  Do folk tend  to "dress-up" a little?  Maybe wear something a little different from the usual choice of basic jeans dress, skirt, jumper etc?
I guess whatever the good Lord above turns on is a great determiner on that particular decision because we do tend to be greatly guided how even the day`s appearance is so important.......After writing these few lines I subconsciously glanced up to view a rapidly-darkening sky studded here and there with flashes of sable-furred silver  lightning.  It was accenting those tremendously gentle swaying and crackling creaking sturdy ti-tree limbs  lovingly-planted some 80 -100 years ago to soften the awkward asphalt on which young kids will no doubt trip or fall.   How old would some of them be now I longer be taking steps on this 2008`s soil .... this soil which is already terror-stricken in today's tempestuous world.
Just then I grabbed a glimpse of the lurid lightning, and as I looked up into the sky I saw one of the other bus passengers, a young Muslim teenager adjusting the neckline of her headscarf.  She flashed me a magnificent fervent smile and when I queried the rapid change of her expression she said everytime she looked at me I was displaying a most happy look........
It then hit me like a flash - the power we can all pass on - so simply - so easily to so many with such a minimum of effort......and how such a tiny showing of individually - enviromentally goodness could actually alter natural!
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